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Vehicle Reimbursement refers to value of the vehicle insured by Talon, or the insurance itself. Vehicles purchased with Vehicle Parts are provided with full reimbursement, if the vehicle supports it. Reimbursement can be renewed within the Headquarters of own faction, from the Talon Reimbursement menu, accessible by pressing 8 inside or from the stunt position of the vehicle. Vehicle Discounts are also applied to reimbursement renewal costs.

Reimbursement is considered void if the pilot with Level 20 or higher exits, bails out, or forced (e.g. when sunken) out of a moving vehicle that's not damaged beyond repair.

Storage Location[]

If the vehicle is destroyed, it is replaced with an equivalent at its storage location. If the vehicle with a storage location within own Headquarters is left unoccupied for a minute, Talon employees will automatically seize the vehicle and ensure its equivalent is available at its storage location.

Storage location is set by landing and stopping the vehicle. Storage location can be set within the Headquarters or in the wild. Storage location cannot be set within 2km from an active combat objective, such as the territory contest or the mission.

Reimbursement Use[]


  • Dealing damage to a vehicle with reimbursed value consumes 100% of target vehicle's reimbursement value
  • Taking damage from a vehicle with reimbursed value consumes 55% of attacker vehicle's reimbursement value
  • Unoccupied vehicle with a storage location outside owner Headquarters uses 5% every 10 minutes, down to 25%

Level 20 or higher[]

  • Taking damage from infantry or a vehicle with no reimbursement value consumes 55% per 100% of vehicle health
  • Dealing damage to infantry consumes 1,500 VP in reimbursement value per 100 HP

Level 1-19[]

  • Dealing damage to infantry consumes 750 VP in reimbursement value per 100 HP

Supported vehicles[]

Rotary-wing Air Support[]

  • Sivirkin series
    • Sivirkin 11 Mayhem
    • Sivirkin 12 Thunder
    • Sivirkin 15 Havoc
  • UH series
    • UH-10 Cherokee
    • UH-11 Chippewa
    • UH-12 Firebolt
  • AH-33 Topachula

Fixed-wing Air Support[]

  • G9 Eclipse
  • Si-47 Leopard