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Player-made content

This wiki is focused on game features and official content, keep mentions of community content such as player-made or player-controlled characters, organizations and lore outside of the main namespace:

Player-made characters should be subpages of Characters, e.g. Characters/Luca Koester

Player-made organizations must be subpages of Organizations, e.g. Organizations/Panau Racing Company

Player-made descriptions of events and other lore should be posted under Lore, e.g. Lore/Kyoto's Journal


Do not post or upload any copyrighted works without permission. Images focused on portraying Just Cause 2 assets must contain the following template:

{{Copyright JC2}}


Purposely adding useless, irrelevant or misleading information and/or removing useful, correct and relevant information might restrict your access to editing wikis.

Overall guidelines